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references, accolades, endorsements, kind words… call it what you will

here is what others have to say about me:


“I have worked in the past with Michael Nunweiler as a co-worker, and later hired him as designer for a number of companies and organizations I have managed. He is a pleasure to work with, exceedingly professional, and--most importantly--a great designer.”

Fawnda Mithrush
Executive Director at LitFest


“Michael is a Spectacular designer with an excellent work ethic. He ‘gets it.’ He shows an expertise balanced with a great ear. His solutions expertly bridge the gap between pushing the creative envelope and satisfying the client’s needs. I would recommend him for any job and always look forward to working with him on projects.”

Randy Brososky
Foundational Communications and Marketing Strategist, Filmmaker, Writer and Producer at Group of Rogues


”As General Manager at Clubcard, Michael demonstrated great care and attention to detail when working with our clients and staff. He worked with the Owners, Production Manager, and myself to ensure we are delivering quality printed materials to our customers. Oversaw scheduling and resolving staffing issues. Very levelheaded and practical approach. Also took great pride in the design work he performed on behalf of our shop.“

Tyler Hunt
Business Manager at Clubcard Printing